Rob on record...

 I have performed on the following albums:

  • Emerge, a moving collection of original songs by New Mexico singer/songwriter Suzanne Taichert.

  • Jigs and reels with Bob and Jen Strom, on 'round the bend.

  • Shamrock for HAWC, a rousing selection of Celtic music and sea shanties recorded live in Salem, Massachusetts.

  • Songs We Sang Together by noted songwriter Ron Carlson.

  • Critic's Darling by witty artist SteveMardon.

  • Season of My Heart by bluegrass songsmith RickLang.

  • Harper's Fancy, a collection of Celtic tunes by Terence Coe, sadly no longer available (the disc, that is, not sure about Terry).

  • Out on a Limb, a song cycle by troubadour and Platters drummer Alan Goodrich.

  • I Go Wild by versatile entertainer DenisCoughlin.



Tone without Tension -- Music by Rob Huffman